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Next programme:

We are hoping to run the next Caring Dads Programme in Autumn 2022.

For further information and referral forms, please email Andy Wood or call 07584 253441.​


Caring Dads – New programme

Caring Dads is designed to teach men fathering techniques that put the needs of their children first. They learn to replace violent, intimidating or shaming parenting practices with positive, empathetic, and nurturing child-centred techniques.

Equally important, the men have to reflect on the impact of the maltreatment and abuse of their wives or partners upon their children. They are taught concrete skills for improving not only their relationships with their children but also with their children’s mothers/caretaking-mothers.

The next programme is online, it consists of fifteen weekly meetings, each one about seventy five minutes long, and led by two facilitators, one man and one woman. Between five and eight men are admitted to the programme.

The groups are run as facilitated, interactive discussions. They emphasise strengths-based learning and are strive to build on the parenting strengths the men already possess. The discussions focus on brainstorming problem-solving solutions to the men’s fathering challenges and identify realistic, achievable changes men can implement with their children and/or their wives or partners.

Training and Recruitment opportunities

MensCraft is currently recruiting new facilitators to run its upcoming Caring Dads Programmes at various locations in Norfolk.

The Caring Dads Programme is an internationally accredited intervention for men who have been abusive, neglectful or violent within their families. The programme consists of seventeen weekly meetings and between eight and twelve men are admitted to each programme.

Caring Dads is designed to teach men child-centred, parenting skills. Participants learn to replace harsh or abusive parenting practices with techniques that put the needs of their children first. They are taught to recognise how those needs change as their children mature and how to modify their parenting strategies so that they are appropriate to each stage of their child(ren)’s development.

The Programme also addresses the men’s treatment of their child(ren)’s mother(s) and the impacts this may have upon their children. The men are taught concrete skills for improving their relationships with their child(ren)’s mothers/caretaking-mothers.

The Programme is led by two facilitators, one man and one woman. The facilitators are responsible for conducting intake assessments with prospective clients; leading the weekly groups and maintaining weekly case notes; submitting attendance reports to the men’s referrers and liaising with referrers as needed; and completing an end of programme report for each client.

MensCraft is the leading agency for this programme in the area and has delivered eight courses involving fifty-two men and families.

Facilitators are contracted as Associates and supported and managed by the Programme Coordinator. A commitment of two programmes over two years is expected.

For further information and to apply (with a CV, personal statement and references), please email Andy Wood or call  07584 253441.

How’s your father

A theatre project.

How’s Your Father was a free show about dads. The project was a unique collaboration between Menscraft, popular local theatre company The Common Lot, the UEA  School of Social Work and Dads Matter, a service for fathers provided by Norfolk County Council.

There are two videos here one is a half hour documentary, and the other an explanatory trailer.

The show focuses on challenged and challenging dads, telling the stories of four men’s experiences as fathers and their encounters with authority. Each story poses different questions on what it means to be a father, what challenges fathers can face and cause and why fathers matter, for all of us. Video made by Liam Hind.

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