About us

MensCraft is the leading organisation in Norfolk focusing exclusively on men’s health and wellbeing.   We were founded in 2010 and in 2012 set up the Norwich Men’s Shed, one of the first in the UK, and now a successful, independent charity in its own right.  

In 2020 MensCraft changed from a Community Interest Company (CIC) to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).  We have grown in recent years and now have a team of staff working across Norfolk and a small management team which is supported by an active Board of Trustees 

Our range of projects and programmes support men to manage life challenges such as unemployment, debt, family breakdown, parenting, addiction, bereavement, loneliness – and to address the emotions and behaviours such challenges may generate, including lack of self-worth, anger or withdrawal. 

Our activities successfully improve men’s connections & a sense of belonging.  After 6 months of our support, men report:  

  • Less socially isolated (96%) 
  • Improved wellbeing (91%) 
  • Less hopelessness (88%) 
  • Improved purpose & positive motivation (87%) 
  • Improved mental health (86%) 

We work collaboratively with other providers including the University of East Anglia School of Social Work and across the new Integrated Care structures. We are embedded in the social prescribing networks and receive referrals from across health & social work disciplines.    

We are funded by local and national trusts, local health and statutory organisations and donations from individuals.