The Woodland Project 2023

The Woodland Project offers a group of men the opportunity to spend practical and purposeful time exploring the outdoors. This 8-week nature-immersed programme, facilitated by MensCraft, aims to promote and support wellbeing in a friendly, safe and structured environment.

The benefits of time spent in the outdoors are numerous, and in this project you will enjoy those with the companionship and camaraderie of other men, coordinated by experienced group facilitators.

You will:

· Explore and discover the local natural environment

· Learn woodcraft skills such as fire-lighting and whittling

· Sit around an open fire, sharing stories with food and drink

· Take part in a site improvement project


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Location details will be shared and confirmed upon application.


All men aged 18 + are welcome

What’s the cost?

There is no cost to attend the programme but if you are able to make a voluntary donation, of any size, this would be very welcome and will help sustain the programme.


Andy Wood

Email Andy or call 07584 253441