Fundraise For Us

As a charity, we rely on grants and donations to provide support for men around their wellbeing.  By choosing to fundraise for MensCraft you can help us reach more men and offer more support for those who are struggling with their mental health, with loneliness, with their relationships and with life challenges such as unemployment, debt, bereavement or addiction. 

Every pound you raise for MensCraft will make a difference, not only to the men we support, but also the people in their lives.  It is our overriding ethos that ‘Happier and healthier men make for better brothers, partners, fathers, sons, colleagues and friends.’ 

How to Fundraise 

1. Choose your activity 

There are lots of ways you can fundraise for us; some activities involve getting sponsorship, but others are making the most of your time, skills and creativity!

  • Take on a physical challenge; it doesn’t have to be a marathon or a distance hike, your challenge should be personal to you, so for non-runners it might be completing the local Park Run. 
  • Give up something for a week/month – cake, wine, your daily coffee, social media(!) 
  • Put on an event – disco night, cake sale, art auction with proceeds going to MensCraft 
  • Clear your clutter – do a car boot sale or yard sale 
  • Use your skills – are you a dab hand at bike repairs, sewing, gardening?  Could you offer your skills for a day/week/month in return for a donation? 

2. Set up an online fundraising page 

The simplest and safest way to collect sponsorship/donations is through JustGiving. All the money you raise will be handled by JustGiving and paid directly to MensCraft.  They will also manage any GiftAid payments, potentially adding 25% to every donation, at no extra cost to you or the donor. 

Step 1: Go to MensCraft’s JustGiving Page  In the top right-hand corner of the page click on Fundraise for Us. 

Step 2: You may already have an account with JustGiving in which case you can create a new Fundraising Page from your existing account.  If you don’t have a JustGiving account, it is straightforward to set up. 

Step 3: Create your fundraising page, explain what you are doing, how much you hope to raise and why you are choosing to fundraise for MensCraft.   

If you prefer not to use JustGiving and would rather send us the proceeds of your fundraising via cheque/cash/bank transfer, please get in touch. 

3. Promote your fundraising activity 

Social media is the easiest way to tell people about and share the link to your fundraising page, but you can also put up posters/fliers in your local area or contact your local media.  And we will promote your activity too through our social media accounts, on our website and in our e-newsletter.  Get in Touch and tell us what you plan to do and if you need any help or extra information to support your fundraising effort.