What do we offer?

We work with men of all persuasions, many with resistance, scepticism and trepidation. We know that the idea of ‘needing to be fixed’ is hardly attractive, it requires work. And there are plenty of other ways to get engaged in the Men’s Centre. No coercion , we offer interest, curiosity and encouragement. If you or you know someone in need of urgent support see our PPA service below.

Men’s groups

We have a number of groups run at the centre; for carers, veterans, and recovery groups.

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We are developing programmes for mentoring young men and their transition into adulthood.

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Life Limiting Beliefs

Dealing with times of transition and challenges like separation, bereavement, loss, retirement? Experiencing low mood or sense of hopelessness? We offer programmes of support on these theme. Contact us for more information.

Conflict resolution

Well-managed conflict can be constructive, helping to ‘clear the air’, releasing emotion and stress, and resolving tension, especially if those involved use it as an opportunity to increase understanding and find a way forward together out of the conflict situation. We offer accredited mediation. For more details contact us.

Advice and information

We are developing ways in which we provide advice on information helpful to men as well as signposting onto other services.

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Fatherhood & parenting

We are developing a range of programmes on fatherhood and parenting; and also Pre-natal, Early Years, Non-resident & Young Fathers.

We also offer a specialist Caring Dads training and host the Dads Matter programme.

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Caring Dads

To go to the main Caring Dads page

Feeling in need of urgent help?

Know someone at the edge of crisis?

Prevention and Positive Activities Programme (PPA)

Through our Prevention and Positive Activities Programme we have staff supporting men at the edge of crisis across Norfolk. We might know who and what might help – we have supported hundreds of men over the last 12 months.

We aim to address difficulties by understanding that it can be a big step when opening up and talking to others, and encourage noticing improvements and seeing the positive changes this can bring.

We offer:

  • Support for men who are thinking about suicide
  • Safety and support plans
  • A trusting and safe environment to talk
  • Positive activities to engage with
  • Signposting to support agencies
  • Support at meetings and appointments


Ed Roberts
07851 004322

South Norfolk

Ben Holland Smith
07864 697718

North Norfolk

Crystal Kent
07704 428872

East Norfolk & Waveney

07521 180598

West Norfolk

Sarah Hayman
07895 272237

HMP Norwich or Probation in Norfolk

Sally Guy
07549 806127

NCAN (Norfolk Community Advice Network)

For men requiring support and to make a referral via the NCAN system or directly via email at referrals@menscraft.org.uk
Or please contact our central number 07514 254200

Urgent support

If you live in Norfolk or Waveney

First Response: 0808 1963494

Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team

The Crisis Team offers short term, intensive support, as an alternative to hospital admission, to service users experiencing a mental health crisis.

  • Telephone 01603 421239
  • City Team Mobile: 07769687775
  • County Team Mobile: 07341780581

 If you need urgent support and the Stay Alive App click here.

Try this Safety Diary Plan which can be helpful.


If you need to talk to someone urgently there is a full list of local and national advice lines on our home page which cover most needs, including many that are dedicated to supporting men.