In April, Chris Glenister, Assistant Practitioner for NSFT, will be lacing up her gloves for a corporate boxing match. MensCraft is proud to be us as the beneficiary of funds raised for the bout which will take place at Epic Studios in Norwich.

“I’ve always loved boxing,” Chris says, “my Dad loved boxing and he got me into it many years ago. We used to watch Alan Minter, Frank Bruno, Mike Tyson, all those big names, but it never occurred to me to do it myself… but it’s been really positive.”

Chris credits the community of boxers and trainers at Tower Fitness in Norwich for inspiration and motivation as her fight preparation unfolds. “I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying it. The community at Tower Fitness is fantastic – there are people there from all walks of life. I come back from training with a smile on my face.”

With just over a month until the date, Chris has started sparring in earnest. “I put on gloves and began sparring for the first time three weeks ago. I already have some bruises, aches and pains. Last Friday I was the only woman at training so I was up against some 6ft, tough guys, but they were great with me.”

Having referred men she works with and supports to MensCraft Chris felt we were a natural choice for her fundraising efforts. “I referred a man to the Woodland Project which was amazing for him; it made an enormous difference. Also, he now regularly attends the Norwich Pit Stop.”

The need for men-centric spaces and services is something Chris is aware of and emphasises. “There are a lot of things available for women that aren’t there for men. If men have support it will have positive impacts for women, too; everyone benefits. When you see recovery in action it’s like winning the lottery.”

MensCraft wishes Chris all the best with the rest of her training schedule and eventual match and salutes her resolve, enthusiasm and spirit for fighting and fundraising on our behalf.

Chris Glenister is fundraising for MensCraft (