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Another great week with 2,489,521 steps achieved!

One week to go …

There are 7 more days to go so 5 million is looking quite ambitious, but more people are joining each week and there are still some results to be submitted.  Who knows, we might still make it.  Could we all up our daily walk by 25%?  Think how fit we’ll be if we managed that.

Put your best foot forward…


A Million Steps in “Move-ember”

November 19th is International Men’s Day which focuses attention on the health and wellbeing of men and boys.  During the whole of November MensCraft’s staff and trustees will be taking part in the ‘million steps’ challenge to focus on the benefits to mental and physical health of a 20 to 30 minute walk each day.


Will you help us reach our target?


A twenty minute walk is roughly 2,000 steps; a thirty minute walk, 3,000 steps

We need more volunteers, regular users of our services and activities, to join in the challenge. If you would like to help to raise awareness and to improve your own wellbeing, contact me, Andy Wood at

We will track how well the team is doing over the course of the month.  You can keep your own account by filling in the weekly record sheet each day.  Then just email to me your weekly total each Friday and we’ll update the website.  There are several ways to keep track of how many steps you’ve done:

  • If you have a smartphone you can keep track of your steps with a free pedometer app – search the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for “pedometer”
  • We can supply you with a simple pocket pedometer
  • Or just tell us how long you walked for (we’ll base the calculation on 100 steps per minute).

These steps should be over and above anything that you usually do in your daily routine – meaning, you commit to a specific million steps challenge walk each day, or as many days as you can manage – no one will be penalised if they don’t manage a walk on every one of the 30 days in November.


If you are up for the challenge then please either complete the form below or contact

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Move-ember 1 Million Step Challenge

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