Men’s Groups

  • The Exchange is a space for men to meet share experiences, thoughts and feelings; to discuss common concerns and support each other to be the best we can.

    We will do this by meeting regularly, with a facilitator who will ensure that what’s said in the group remains confidential, that everyone gets chance to have their say, and that everyone is treated with equal respect.

    At the Exchange you will:-

    • take it in turns at the start to check in: say how life’s been for you since the last meeting
    • explore common themes or discuss whatever anyone has on their mind
    • listen, learn, laugh, live a better life and share the benefits of this with your friends, family or wider community.

    The Exchange is supported by MensCraft.  We will help with a venue, and some costs, by providing guidance on how to recruit other participants and how to run the group.  We will provide backup once your Exchange is up and running. 

    What will it cost?

    It doesn’t cost much to run an Exchange: the venue hire and some refreshments.  MensCraft will help with these initially and with whatever publicity you might need.  A small agreed fee or by a donation of whatever you can afford should be adequate going forward.

    We are looking to start an Exchange in your area.  If you are interested in helping to set one up, or in just being a participant once its got going, then give me a call for an informal chat, drop me a text or email.

    Andy Wood 07584 253 441