As part of our Pit Stop offer, we run a free weekly Wing Chun Kung Fu class for men on Monday evenings at the Cadge Road Community Centre (see details below). Meet Wing Chun Kung Fu martial arts instructor, Ryan Moyce, as he talks about his approach to Wing Chun, as well as his own transformational martial arts ‘journey’…

The Art of Dealing with Life…

‘It is our desire to lift our students up so that they become better versions of themselves and instil in them the strength of character, resilience and fortitude; to not just defend themselves in a violent confrontation, but to deal with whatever life has to throw at them. We teach them to lean into whatever challenges come their way, stay calm in any situation, and control their emotions and those around them. To face their fears and move forward with determination and purpose.

My Martial Arts Journey

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a passion for me! It came at a pivotal point in my life when I was looking for change. I was very overweight and just coming out of a long battle with an anxiety disorder.

From lesson one, I fell in love with the Wing Chun art. I was simply looking for a way to challenge myself and change my body, but I could never have imagined the life-altering journey I was about to embark on. Wing Chun has everything that resonated with me: no fluff, no acrobatics. It is simple, direct and intelligent. It is challenging: there was always something new to learn – and, above all else, it was fun!

As a result, I worked hard, lost 8 stone in weight, and became stronger mentally and physically than ever before in my life. Hand on heart, I can honestly say that learning Wing Chun was one of the best and single most important decisions I have ever made. It changed everything about me for the better and I would not be the man, husband and father I am today had I not discovered it.’

Ryan Moyce