Men’s Health Week this year takes place between Monday 13 June and Sunday 19 June (Father’s Day) and we are encouraging all men to check out their health by having a Man MOT. 

The Man MOT is a practical manual that identifies DIY checks & challenges for men of all ages, encouraging them to monitor their wellbeing and take steps to get healthier.  Themes include How’s your heart? which looks at cholesterol, blood pressure, waistline, risk of heart attack; How’s your head? which recommends ways to improve mental health and How’s the rest of your health? which checks up on eating & drinking habits, smoking and physical activity. It has been created by the Men’s Health Forum, a member of the NHS England Information Standard and has been road-tested with Public Health England and men of all ages. 

Andy Wood, Projects Coordinator at MensCraft explains why we have chosen to promote the ManMOT this year.  ‘The facts speak for themselves; one man in five dies before the age of 65, 75% of premature deaths from heart disease are male and men are 32% less likely to visit their GP.  We want to encourage men to check out their mental and physical health and the ManMOT is a great way to start. 

‘Although this is targeted at men, we are hoping everyone will recognise the importance of this, and want to give a copy of the ManMOT to their fathers, brothers, sons, colleagues and friends.  And as Men’s Health Week coincides with Father’s Day, why not give one to your dad instead of a card on Sunday 19 June as a really good way to show him how much you care?  

‘We are also asking organisations will get on board with our campaign by giving copies of the ManMOT to their employees, members, clients and colleagues, women as well as men. We know that men are more likely to take active steps to support their wellbeing when encouraged to do so by female family members and friends.‘ adds Andy.  Find out more how your organisation can get involved. Men’s Health Week Guide for Organisations

Three Norfolk organisations – Newall Plant Ltd, KMC Civil Engineering Ltd and Nigel Farrow Cars– have already backed the campaign by providing financial support to enable MensCraft to buy copies of the ManMOT booklet to distribute during Men’s Health Week.    

Menscraft will be distributing copies of the ManMOT at events throughout Men’s Health Week including the Norwich PitStop on Tuesday 16th June.