Pit Stop gardeners working together on The Plot

Today, at our weekly Common Plot Pit Stop session it was inspiring to see men growing together – and we were particularly pleased to welcome two new members.  Nik, our gardener, explained to us the importance of understanding the nature of the soil. Each of us gathered a handful of earth from different areas of the allotment and then we… well, we made mud pies.

Above, is a picture of J’s hand ‘pie’ together with the chart Nik shared with us which we used to identify the soils on the site as, ‘sandy loam/loamy sand’.

After walking and observing how things are growing around The Plot, we set about planting seedlings. Here is Nik, a true son of the soil, happy within his natural habitat. Do note the circular hollows around the plants. This is an Egyptian technique to assist with effective hydration when watering plants. As I observed all of the activity and teamwork I was reminded of a quote by Audrey Hepburn:

‘To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.’ 

The Common Plot Pit Stop is open for men (aged 18+) to come and grow together. Here are details if you – or someone you know – wish to be part of this growing venture: