18th to 23rd September, 2021 

This is a five day event aimed at deepening our connection with our brothers, with nature.  In a culture which places pressure on men to conform to a certain modes of behaviour, Manifest has been created to offer men a safe space to find new ways of being: ways that value community, and respect for ourselves, others and the Earth. This is an opportunity to participate in creating a strong and safe space to for men to play, create, share, discuss, and heal together.

Under canvas in a beautiful ancient woodland and meadow setting, the retreat offers time to relax, for activity and reflecting.  There will be a daily programme of workshops and activities to choose from. Each day will begin with Council: a chance for the whole camp to meet together to connect and shape the day.

Participants will be divided into smaller circles to camp around their own hearth fire.  Breakfast and lunch are self catering; the evening meal is provided.  The site has hot and cold showers, sauna, hot tubs and compost toilets.  Workshop spaces are under canvas or out in nature.

Go to the Manifest website https://manifesteast.co.uk for the full picture.
To book and further information contact Andy on on 07584 253 441 or andy@menscraft.org.uk.