It’s Fathers Day on Sunday and I’m looking forward to receiving from my older daughter something very special that I know she will have made for me with my three year old granddaughter. And so like most dads around the country I will be enjoying the acknowledgement, gratitude and love for the role I play in their lives.

But I also have a younger daughter who hasn’t spoken to me for nearly three years. And I won’t be the only dad around the world for whom Father’s Day is just a reminder of things gone wrong, or a time to grieve for someone loved now lost. Whatever the cause, we all feel the pain of the loss as much the joy from the well wishes. And so Sunday will, once again, be a bitter sweet day for me.

With all this in mind, it seems like a good time to tell you that MensCraft is working with The Common Lot Theatre Company and others to create a performance to highlight some of the challenges fathers face. ‘How’s Your Father’ will be an entertaining, poignant, and yes in parts funny piece of theatre. Through it we intend to highlight fathers’ experiences, to challenge some preconceptions about fatherhood, dispel some myths and build some bridges.

We’re just about to start the research phase for this and to kick it off, we’re looking for fathers to take part in an survey. We’re looking for dads in various situations: living with your kids or separated from them; struggling as parents or breezing it; distanced or hands on dads.

Whatever your situation as a dad, if you’d like to take part, drop me an email, give me a call or send a text:

andy.andywood@gmail .com;

077 170 55543.


Andy Wood