For those of you that know me hello!  For those of you that don’t, my name is Ed and I work as a Positive Activities and Prevention Coordinator, for MensCraft, a charity based in Norwich in the UK. My job role is to provide support to men ideating on suicide in Norwich and the surrounding area. The Prevention part of my job is often the creation of a support plan and the opportunity to discuss their situation and find appropriate support. The Positive Activities is a range of things from talking groups, physical activities and social nights.  I have been in this role for just over a year and have worked with over three dozen men in that time.

Over the last three weeks, for almost all of us, our lives have changed drastically.   But for some of us our lives have changed very little.  Some people I speak to on a regular basis are very used to minimal social contact, they don’t find enjoyment in socialising or spending time in groups. The idea of physical activity is a chore or something that they would have to be prepared to undertake.  A client recently said that,

“…the rest of the world now has a good understanding of how it feels for me on a daily basis…”  

The fear of going out shopping, worrying if they’ll be able to get their basic needs met or the anxiety of others being in their space.

My experience is that people need time to accept change and become used to new ways of doing things. There is no one right way of doing things but there are lots of ways you can hijack yourself. Having time to talk things through and taking your situation seriously is a start. Many men that I have worked with have found the following useful.

Accept that this situation is stressful.

Listen and talk to other people if you can.

Offer and ask for help when you can.

Fit things into your day that will help you.

We need to help each other get through these strange (I vowed not to use unprecedented) times.  If you need a chat or some support for suicidal ideation you are experiencing , please get in contact.  / 07851 004322

Ed Roberts