Society today presents us with challenges that are affecting, making and requiring changes to:

  •  our roles
  •  the way we behave
  •  the we relate to others
  • how we treat ourselves
  • our relationship to power
  • our attitudes, values and actions

How do we respond positively and with integrity to these challenges and changes?

Over the next six months we will create a piece of theatre that explores these challenges and changes from our own personal experiences

We will create a performance that will be thought provoking for the audience and be a platform for discussion about how men might be.

Stage One: Creating the raw material from our personal experiences in three workshops:

Sunday February 10th,  Sunday March 10, Sunday March 31st  Times:   10.00 to 4.30 pm

Stage 2: drafting the script:

April – dates tba*

Stage 3: rehearsals

May, June and July – dates tba*

Stage 4 performances

weekend of 2nd, 3rd and 4th August (with a possible additional performance on Sunday 22nd September)

Who are we looking for?

The Men’s Theatre Group formed in 2018 and created ‘The Power of Performance’ for the Theatre Royal’s Creative Matters month on men’s mental wellbeing.  Once again we are looking for twelve recruits.  It will not be necessary to have experience or skill in drama. More importantly, we need men willing to draw on personal experiences for the material to create theatre that will relate and be meaningful to our audience.

*The dates and times of script preparation meetings and rehearsals will be decided by the whole company once the group is assembled.  We anticipate continuing to meet on Sundays.

Contact: Andy Wood: 0771 705 5543;

Who we are:

Andy Wood is a founding director of MensCraft, an organisation set up to support men’s wellbeing and development. Andy has been running men’s groups and events since 2002.  Has trained as a dramatherapist and uses story and myths in Programmes involving teenage boys, ‘Pathfinder’; young men ‘Journey into Manhood’ and with older men ‘Manifest’, ‘Going Beyond the Hero’, ‘Maketh the Man’ (with Simon Floyd).

Thom Baily is an actor and theatre director working in both Norfolk and Suffolk. He studied drama and theatre direction at the Universities of Hull and East Anglia. He has extensive experience in therapeutic and community led drama and would like to develop his practice into site specific and verbatim theatre. Previous work includes a verbatim play called Café de Sonhos, and a month of workshops on men’s mental health as part of the Norwich Theatre Royal’s Creative Matters Programme. Thom now teaches drama and music at a local high school.

What people said about ‘The Power of Performance’:

From the audience:

I was expecting it to be thought provoking and moving but did not expect it to be so enthralling as a piece of theatre. It was powerful, very moving and inspiring –  more than theatre, through a universal story, these men bore witness to their individual struggles with courage, humour and very few words. In the Q and A they were eloquent and seeringly honest. It was a privilege to witness them and to witness the power of performance.”

“F**king amazing!”

From the participants:

 “The facilitators worked so well together to make us feel part of an amazing process and final performance.”

“The workshops were helpful by giving me a sense of purpose, a reason to engage with others and allowing me to have a voice.”