The Pitt Stop

An online resource to support the wellbeing of all men.

The Pitt Stop is both an online resource to support the wellbeing of all men who want to make positive changes, and a place to give a face-to-face connection around shared passions, interests and activities. Having a space to socialise in a way similar to a pub could open doors to many benefits to men. Men who attend the Pitt Stop on a regular basis report less isolation, increased social contact and also a greater likelihood of making use of services to improve their physical and mental health. The Pitt Stop encourages men from different backgrounds to come together around the things that unite them, whether that is music, films, comedy, sport, pub quizzes or anything else that they decide to use the space for together.

Having a place where people know they can relax, play pool or darts but also talk about the issues in their lives has the potential to change attitudes and behaviours. The Pitt Stop is designed to be for the benefit of all men in Norwich, especially those who need help and support but don’t know how to find it.

The Pitt Crew

We wish to recruit and train a ‘Pitt Crew’ –a team of 8-10 volunteers who go through a training programme so that they can advocate and promote the concept in their communities. They might be on hand to help at events, using their personal experiences, alongside their understanding of our project, to help people decide if it’s something they could benefit from.

Another role is to help run and promote the dry bar and all of the activities connected with The Pitt Stop within the building.

It is open….

Upcoming activities during November…

More details contact Oz Osborne on 07771 608327