New Theatre of Self Expression workshops start in April.

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Amazing! This was the response of a 21 year old man in the audience at the showing of The Power of Performance, MensCraft’s contribution to the Theatre Royal’s Creative Matters month that focussed on men’s mental well-being.

Andy Wood and Thomas Bailey worked with a group of 12 men throughout January. The theme they worked on was ‘Masculinity’: how men are influenced and shaped by cultural norms and the effect that this has on their well-being. The men recalled their own stories of how the ‘hegemonic ideal’ of masculinity affected them as they grew up. From this they created a theatrical piece performed to an audience of over 60 people, at the Theatre Royal’s Stage Two on 25th January. Afterwards, they took part in a Q&A session with the audience, who were delighted with the show and amazed at the candour and openness of the men who talked about the workshop process and their own lives:

“I was expecting it to be thought provoking and moving but did not expect it to be so enthralling as a piece of theatre. It was powerful, very moving and inspiring – more than theatre, through a universal story, these men bore witness to their individual struggles with courage, humour and very few words. In the Q and A they were eloquent and seeringly honest. It was a privilege to witness them and to witness the power of performance.” (audience feedback)

Feedback from the Participants:

“This experience has helped a great deal. I have realised I am not alone.”

“… process felt very safe.”

“The workshops were helpful by giving me a sense of purpose, a reason to engage with others and allowing me to have a voice.”

“The performative aspect and character work was also rewarding as a way to think about emotions while creating a bit of distance to make it feel a bit safer.”

“The facilitators worked so well together to make us feel part of an amazing process and final performance.”

“Overall, very enjoyable, and inspiring. A much needed boost to my self-confidence, and well-being.”

To read one participants experience in detail go to A Reaction from the Stage

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