There are so many ‘practitioners’ that when they say they ‘support’ men the drive behind it is actually to ‘fix’ men. Because we have been so bereft of spending time with male energy of actually appreciating masculine and maleness. As if maleness needs to be ‘fixed’ or ‘supported’. What happens when we actually listen to what is inherent in masculinity? Honoring the difference in men. We need to stop looking at men as if there is something inherently wrong with men! Men don’t need a course to be men. Stop treating men as if men are broken for being male. Men, masculine, maleness is beautiful and whole as is. Finding the positive values in the archetypes of king,  warrior, lover and trickster. Surely the issue is the how the shadow in these play out. Lets not fall into the solely apologetic space but instead recognise, acknowledge and work with the context that can and does result in the unacceptable, inappropriate, unlawful. Most men do not wish to be associated with the so called and ugly and toxic masculinity but lets start from a point that we all raise boys and we – men are a product of socialization – gender is a a wide spectrum and best broadly defined.