Getting involved with ‘Creative Matters’ at the Theatre Royal, MensCraft workshops about Masculinity and men’s mental health

In January, the Theatre Royal’s Creative Matters programme focuses on men’s mental health. As part of this, Andy Wood and theatre director Thomas Bailey will be running a series of workshops themed on the impact of masculinity on men’s mental well-being.

We are currently recruiting men who would like to be involved. You do not need to have experience or skill in drama. More importantly, we need men willing to draw on personal experiences, your own and those of other men in our lives, for the material to create a presentation/performance that will be show cased.

As in our previous theatre projects, we will use drama and theatre techniques and processes to explore how we are influenced and shaped by cultural norms about how a man ‘should be’, and the effect this has on our well-being – both in terms of how such notions can contribute to ill health and of how we respond, whether or not we seek help.

The workshops will be day-long, on three consecutive Sundays in January: 7th, 14th and 21st and the show case will be on Thursday 25th January. In the evening of Monday 11th December we are holding introductory session to explain the process and do some initial groundwork with the group.

If you are interested in being part of this project please contact Andy straight away by emailing to Or if you’d like to have a chat about it then give me a call 07584 253 441 or 01263 732369. If you’re interested but can’t be available, do let me know, as there may be other opportunities for you to participate in similar projects in the future.